ActionSctip 3.0 Event Object

ActionScript 3.0 has perfect way of handling events.

It is different from the way it used to be in previous versions, but in this version it has become mature and powerful. I highly recommend you to read chapeter 12 of Essesntial ActionSctipt 3.0 by Collin Moock. You’ll definitely learn alot.

The new structure is great and as soon as you learn it, you’ll love it.

One of the tricky issues could be the differences between these two properties of MouseEvent Object : target vs currenttarget.
This is a quick and great article about it, I love the way he concluded the article :

– if we associate the event to an empty MovieClip, best to use the property target
– if we associate the event to a MovieClip containing different objects, best to use the property currentTarget