JavaScript, how life has changed

If you’ve been a web-developer/design for a while, you definitely remember this picture :

What a headache ! huh ? I remember whenever I wrote a JavaScript code or snippet, when I hit F5 to run it, I was praying all the time not to see this freaking error message again. It gave no clue what’s going wrong, where the error is, and it did everything other than helping you out to solve the problem. Oh God! How much stupid Internet Explorer was (or maybe still is). Back then it was the most commonly used web-browser that we had to made our works compatible to.

Now we can do all the stuff we want with JavaScript, getting an error message is not much a problem anymore and debugging, is kind of fun. None of are because any change in the language itself or that stupid browser (Internet Explorer).

It’s all because of the great browser “FireFox” which was flexible enough for other third-party addons to be added to and make it enormously strong and usefull for web-developers/designers. All the tools from FireBug , Web developer toolbar and all the JavaScript Consoles (including the one which comes built-in with FireBug) have made our lives much easier.

FireFox has sort of pushed the web-browsing boundaries and forced all other existing web-browsers and the ones coming in future to be standard, and developers friendly (I’m not talking about IE, which I’m pretty glad I abandoned it since version 7).

I was thinking about the way our lives as developers/designers have changed and how much more we’re enjoying our jobs with out the need to struggle with very basic and dull stuff.

P.S: No need to mention about the JavaScript Frameworks and such pain relievers they are (most of the times though).