Exposé Application windows + Spaces

Spaces is an amazing feature since OS X Leopard.
I’ve been using it since I switched to Mac and enjoying it, although it still has some flaws.
The main issue which at least I haven’t figured it out yet is how to navigate between different windows of an application while they are in different Spaces. Mac Command Icon + ~ Doesn’t help. Although I have most of my main applications assigned to specific Spaces, there are some applications that are being used regularly and for different purposes, like TextEdit which I want to paste a temporary value or write down something, or open a ReadMe file or etc.
This could happen in different Spaces and I don’t have the option to navigate through different windows while they’re are in different spaces.

Exposé for Application windows

This can be activated using F10 in old Macs or Control+F3 in new Macs, and it shows all the windows of the front most application, no matter in which Space they are.

I Know! it’s not a great discovery but it’s a time saver feature 😉