Exposé Application windows + Spaces

Spaces is an amazing feature since OS X Leopard.
I’ve been using it since I switched to Mac and enjoying it, although it still has some flaws.
The main issue which at least I haven’t figured it out yet is how to navigate between different windows of an application while they are in different Spaces. Mac Command Icon + ~ Doesn’t help. Although I have most of my main applications assigned to specific Spaces, there are some applications that are being used regularly and for different purposes, like TextEdit which I want to paste a temporary value or write down something, or open a ReadMe file or etc.
This could happen in different Spaces and I don’t have the option to navigate through different windows while they’re are in different spaces.

Exposé for Application windows

This can be activated using F10 in old Macs or Control+F3 in new Macs, and it shows all the windows of the front most application, no matter in which Space they are.

I Know! it’s not a great discovery but it’s a time saver feature 😉

3 thoughts on “Exposé Application windows + Spaces

  1. halow, how is it going mon ami? does it have source code or pack on ubuntu then we can experience it there. very glad to find you.
    good luck
    by the way why comment is on the top of the page?

    • hey buddy, how is it going Emad?
      I’m not sure about packages on Ubuntu, I Know Linux Fedora has the feature of “Spaces” you should probably be looking for something similar for Ubuntu.

      The comments position is because of the template. it’s nice for now, but I have to change it better in the long run.

      Hope to see you soon dude.

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