Up and Running in no (less) time with dotfiles

Setting up a new computer to your comfort is very time consuming. That includes all the tiny configurations, aliases, functions and small modifications you have done throughout the time.

Some configurations are not very easy to remember or you might have lost the details.

I have some `launchd` tasks configured on my computer which I don’t remember to carry them over every time I switch systems or when I need them some where else. I usually keep a note of how the setup works in a wiki, but what could explain it more than the syntax of how it actually works?

I like the idea of dotfiles, it gets you up and running very quickly. You could branch out one of the existing ones or you could start your own.

I started my own and trying to put what ever setup I have made to my computer in to that repository categorically.
In case of `launchd`, I have created a category specially for that and in the `bootstrap.sh` file which is supposed to setup a complete system, I have written few lines of code to loop through the folder, find any file in that, copy them over to  `/Library/LaunchDaemons/` , `load` them and then `start` the tasks.

I believe my dotfiles repository would give me more confidence the next time I want to completely scrap my OS and get a fresh install.

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