The golden art of talent acquisition

In today’s world the demand for developers is more than supply and finding a good developer is not easy. A good developer is all it takes for a successful product. So in this market the technical recruiters play a major role both for companies and developers.

Most of the developers get contacted by recruiters on a regular basis. In my personal experience majority of these first contacts are very disappointing.
Sometimes I have received messages for the roles that I have close-to-zero experience in, and I figured those are only massively sent email which one out of a thousand may reply back. I consider those as spams.

It has also happened to many a few times that they start the email with my name and as it goes on, the second paragraph starts with someone else’s name, showing that the recruiter did not even spent the time to fill their email template properly.

And worst of all is miss-spelling my name. I don’t expect the correct pronunciation, that’s completely normal. But failure in a simple copy/paste is very annoying.

In one of the cases I felt like dealing with a car dealer. Someone who just wants to make a deal and could not care less about who is on the other side of the transaction.

But in some rare cases you find some genuine recruiters which are good at their jobs. I had read this before and I already knew there are some rare golden recruiters.

I recently had the honor of experiencing one. When Caroline Stocks contacted me for the first time it was a nice and warm message, but very well crafted according to what my previous experiences has been. It was a great fit to what I do and what I want to do. To me that was a hit on the spot and got my attention.

The phone conversation was an absolute delight. A very humble character who was willing to spent all the time it might take to get to know what I have been doing and what I want to do. A very good and patient listener who authentically enjoys what she is doing.

After the phone conversation I headed to their website, as a web-enthusiast, I always do that. What I enjoyed the most is “Meet the team” section. It takes a very humble person to name one-self last as the founder of a company.

She had spent sometime after to go through my twitter account. Also reading my blog posts just to get to know me better is an incredible sign of a quality recruiting process.

What makes the difference in is the personality, the skills, the patience and having everyone’s benefit in mind.

I wish her luck and hope we will have more people like her.

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