Judging a creation by the creator

I never liked any products produced by Microsoft. Never (at least before they came up with .Net core). But I have always respected Bill Gates. He is the person I look up to. A character I want to be. The humbleness, simplicity, the smile, the charity work, it all makes me want to look up to him and try to adopt and develop some of his attitudes.

On the exact opposite side of the spectrum resides, Linus Torvalds. I love all the software products this genius human produces. From Linux to Git. Everything has changed the way I work and I am very grateful to live in an era when he lives as well. But when it comes to his character and personality, I have the same feeling as Microsoft products, never liked them. I deeply respect what he does, but the way he does it, is not my type.

In my world, there are many creations which I truly enjoy and deeply appreciate, but I never liked the creator. It is not limited to the tech world though. Even in music there are many singers that I can not stand watching or hearing an interview with them, but I truly admire their music.

I don’t know how much one could or should differentiate the creator from the creation, if at all. But separating those two, makes me judge each creation by itself. Not affected by previous creations. Not being prejudice and judgemental.

My favourite quote which I have always tried to respect is: “Accept the truth, even if your enemy says it“. Interesting enough, I heard this quote from someone whom I never liked.