Exposé Application windows + Spaces

Spaces is an amazing feature since OS X Leopard.
I’ve been using it since I switched to Mac and enjoying it, although it still has some flaws.
The main issue which at least I haven’t figured it out yet is how to navigate between different windows of an application while they are in different Spaces. Mac Command Icon + ~ Doesn’t help. Although I have most of my main applications assigned to specific Spaces, there are some applications that are being used regularly and for different purposes, like TextEdit which I want to paste a temporary value or write down something, or open a ReadMe file or etc.
This could happen in different Spaces and I don’t have the option to navigate through different windows while they’re are in different spaces.

Exposé for Application windows

This can be activated using F10 in old Macs or Control+F3 in new Macs, and it shows all the windows of the front most application, no matter in which Space they are.

I Know! it’s not a great discovery but it’s a time saver feature 😉

Yahoo! Mail + FireFox + Mac ; Home , End shortcuts issue

If you are a Firefox/Mac/Yahoo lover, you might have come across this annoying issue in Yahoo! Mail in Firefox [Mac version] that when you want to go to the home or end of a line with + Left  Arrow [command – left] or + Right Arrow [command – right] , it acts like a browser’s Back or Forward button and messes up the email you are composing or sometimes even ruins the whole thing.

You can see that everybody blames Yahoo! about not following the standard rules in their editor over the net. But this can be fixed through a very very simple FireFox add-on.
is the handy tool for configuring your FireFox keyboard shortcuts. After installing if [and restarting the firefox] simply go to tools > KeyConfig and there search for “goBackKb” and “goForwardKb” and disable the ones allocated to + Left Arrow and + right Arrow.

From then on, on the newly opened windows this will be fixed and you will no longer have the same problem with those lovely combination [FireFox , Yahoo! , Mac]